We had passed this place a few times & seen explores on here so decided to have a look.
We parked down the road & walked up. The owner of the house that sits down from Tillydrine house came out and to start with was a bit 'nippy'. He said that there had been a lot of funny goings on over the last few months and just last week he had 2 guys appear with hard hats (driving a porsche) saying that they were from the council. He moaned about the fact that people have been coming up his driveway (shared with the house) and trying to drive up the old track to the house (it's very overgrown now), they have been driving over his grass and have broken all the drains. He was okay in the end & finished with "It's nothing to do with me anyway ". The house is very poor condition and has been wrecked inside. Signs of attempted arson as well !