Forgot to put up a part 4 here!

The final part of my expedition.

As I'm sure you would too, I was ecstatic when our guide walks us down the road, not saying a word about where we're going until he stops: 'This is the hospital.' Woo! But there was a catch; the government use one of the buildings next door as a laundry store, so we had to be pretty stealthy going round here. Now given the amount of broken glass, that's pretty fucking hard! He said not to linger around the windows at the back, as if they spot anyone inside they'll call the police and then that's his job on the rocks! To be honest, the hospital is one of the buildings I could have done a far better job of covering; I wasted a load of time looking for the mortuary, leaving the other 2 behind and running up and down the corridors much to their annoyance! Be under no illusion here, I'm not obsessed with them, but for every hospital I've been to they've been elusive or sealed! Our guide only gave us 30-40 minutes inside; there are 5 floors plus the basement (which has the firefighters' dangerously contaminated clothing there so no way would I go there!) so no way in hell would you be able to see it all in that time. Now it was only after seeing another report afterwards that it was a seperate outbuilding round the back! :mad

If I ever go back here, without a shadow of a doubt I will be back to see more of this; this is a hospital that an explorer's dreams are made of! Though heavily decayed, how can you argue with beds in every room, medicine lying about, operating theatres and some of the most amazing natural decay you'll ever see?