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    Default The processor drain, manchester, july 2013

    Visited With Nickindroy & NightShadow

    With a few txt between a few of us we decided that I will show nickindroy & nightshadow The processor underground drain in Manchester while its hot and the water levels are low.
    Me and nightshadow wore willies that turned out to be a mistake, because the entrance was a little deeper than expected, The water came upto my knees and nickindroy stayed dry as a bone with his waders.

    Here is some info on the culvert

    Originally discovered by siologen over a decade ago. Potters Lane, Combined Sewer Overflow to give it it's official name is a culverted section of Moston Brook, running just under 2 miles through a 3m RBP. An interesting mix of brick, into concrete, and back into brick again, with two processing units and an inspection chamber along the way.

    Here are my shots, and thanks to the lads for helping with the lighting

    I hope you enjoyed my shots

    Thanks for looking
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    exploring in manchester ?
    give me a SHOUT!!!

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