Our trip started at a liesurly 2am with a drive down to dover to meet 2 of the others then onto the ferry,so no sleep friday night.
Once we got off the ferry we headed to le foret and as we got within a mile or two from the place the heavansopened and all hell broke loose with thunder and lightning of the Epic variety which meant we had to wait it out..turns out the secca spotted us as we drove by a gate so followed us out and when we pulled up to check satnav he came up to car to point out many french words,i understood police which he mentioned many times so off we went to maybach and then onto many others ,some simple enough others met with more angry french speaking men and a few close calls leading to GTFO situations..so this is what we photographed on our trip.

Just a heads up if anyones thinking of visiting pre metro be aware its got a lot of work going on and concrete type ofstuff sprayed on the tunnels with no original lighting left in place and thick sludge underfoot so didnt grab any pics of that!

Visited with SpaceInvade,Sx-riffraff and the crazyfool..thanks fro driving mate it was a long old few days!

Theater Jeusette

Crystallerie Val Saint Lambert

Chapel de anciens

Church of Bones

Crachoir piscine

Preventorium Dolhain

Agnus Die


I did hear demo had started ,cant remember which report that was on..quick heads up its well and truly geting torn down ,no walls on one side lots of dismantling going on by the looks of it and quite a busy site,so we grabbed the turbine part and got on our way.

Managed to get up to the gantry but didnt fancy walking along it to get the angle i wanted so this had to do

A return is in order to finish off the main parts of our list that we couldnt get to for one reason or another ..