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    Default Pontins Holiday Village, Norfolk, Sept. 2013

    Don't quote me on this, but I believe this site to be 5/6 years old. Online reviews slated this place when it was open. Unsure why it closed, maybe due to so many bad reviews? But I think it closed 2 years after the recession. The site is huge, and the costs of running such a place must have been sky high. I read somewhere the site is worth £43 million. Apparently there was talk of redeveloping, probably into housing, most likely into a 24hr Tesco or Asda lol! But local reaction wasn't good, and it never went ahead.

    Now left to stand, it's in surprisingly good shape. Considering the fact there are literally hundreds of unoccupied rooms, there's literally no sign of graffiti, and minimal drink / drug use. Only found one room with a few docked out joints, that's it. If this was in somewhere like Sheffield, it would be full of cans, needles and graff! In short, the closest I've found to Chernobyl Very enjoyable chillaxed derp!

    Here's some pics - soz bout the borders, left setting on by mistake!

    One of many

    paths all overgrown - looks like the middle of Somalia! (minus bullet holes :P)

    why has this not been trashed?!

    this... x8

    The swimming pool

    The Queen Victoria Pub on site

    no access, but got this through the window

    another view inside

    One of the rooms stuffed with old tv's and pc's (...or microwaves?)


    minigolf - there's also a small race track and a zip wire

    Most of the rooms are still kitted out - kettle, fridge, toaster


    but got this through the window

    Pontins 4 Life motherfuckers

    Cryengine 8

    Free place to camp

    Not much to see, but as it's such a big site, still enjoyable! Thanks for looking guyz

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    Default Re: Pontins Holiday Village, Norfolk, Sept. 2013

    Wow thats brilliant! Looks ace probs not trashed cos its in Norfork. There too busy inbreding

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    Default Re: Pontins Holiday Village, Norfolk, Sept. 2013

    Awesome to see it in such great condition, amazed it has stayed like that!
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    Default Re: Pontins Holiday Village, Norfolk, Sept. 2013

    Nice to see a place not raped by gypos
    "God will forgive them. He'll forgive them, and allow them into heaven. I can't live with that."

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