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    Default fort william roc post inverness group July 2013

    First post of my trip over west. Took a fair bit of hunting down through the jaggies - note to self, post hunting is far easier in winter. Eventually found it looking in a very sorry state sitting still surrounded by its compound fencing.
    hatch ripped off and ventilation shaft partly demolished, no sign of the forward vent at all...

    Gets worse inside...

    Flooded to a good depth with slimy black foul water this has got to be the worse minger in Scotland (apart from Powis just out side Dundee perhaps) acro jack rammed down the FSM pipe, burnt out and now a dumping ground for old chemical containers. Not a pleasant place at all.
    sorry for the poor quality pictures but the blackness in there seemed to suck the light out of the flash.

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    Default Re: fort william roc post inverness group July 2013

    Now that post is a fetid pit, steer clear!
    Waiting for a war that never happened....



    Corrosion= Rust = Decay= Bunkerkid

    / \

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