Holme Rug Co. Reinís Mill, Huddersfield. October 2013.

A small, elderly mill building on the outskirts of Huddersfield. Formerly home to the Holme Rug Co. In really good nick, with a few charming details. 

Very little remains regarding the company itself within the building apart from a certificate of Incorporation in 1960 establishing itself as a limited Company. Information of the companies activities are also limited, presumably they wove and / or sold rugs, there are some bits and pieces of really old looms in the loft space but thatís about it. Evidence of an owl in residence is compounded by the large amount of pellets to be found ďLook, white dog pooÖĒ

It seems that the company only operated for 15 years until it was wound up.


Notice is hereby given that the Creditors of the above-named
Company are required, on or before the 23rd May 1975,
to send their names and addresses, with particulars of their
debts or claims, and the names and addresses of their
Solicitors (if any), to the undersigned, Frederick John
Sheard, of 5-6 Kirkgate Buildings, Huddersfield, the
Liquidator of the said Company: and, if so required by
notice in writing by the said Liquidator, are, by their
Solicitors or personally, to come in and prove their said
debts or claims at such time and place as shall be specified
in such notice, or in default thereof they will be excluded
from the benefit of any distribution made before such
debts are proved.óDated 10th April 1975.
Frederick /. Sheard, Liquidator.

NOTE. This notice is purely formal and all known
Creditors have been, or will be, paid in full. (783)

The mid and lower floors seem to have served varying uses over time, the ground floor holding a forklift truck and a stock of bus or lorry tyres. In 2010 a planning application was made for a change of use and conversion into an MOT garage, which was approved but seemingly not acted upon. Visited with Clough, Geo, Fudge & Paedington Peter.

A few photos:


Loom relics and a nice corked jug.

Dat phone...


No externals because i needed a piss and then forgot to take any.