Visited with Landie. Apologies for this being late, it's just me being lazy and putting it off until now.

In another one of the adventures with me acting as a guide for him, we hit Fletcher's Paper Mill, safe in the knowledge that access was still there and it was (fairly) easy to do. We both love lots of rusty machinery too, so we couldn't go wrong. I'd already been here with Zotez, 4 months ago to the day we went; we were successful in getting in and not getting caught, but as soon as we were about to make our way into what I'm going to show you below, we heard banging on the shutters. I was well aware of the cunning security here, who have peepholes set up round the main building, ready to pounce on any unsuspecting explorers and catch them out. On the first visit we did spot security once on patrol and again loitering at the front gate whilst inside, who despite seeing us so close to the fence appeared nonchalant about us being in the next field; on the other hand, he wasn't stupid. He knew what our game was, and once we were in, I was adamant that he banged on the shutters to get us running like frightened rabbits caught in the headlights. We fell for it the first time, but not now.

No sign of any security or activity whatsoever. So (without being too explicit and giving away where and how we got in) got inside, getting absolutely caked in grease. Foul! I didn't bother taking pictures of what I'd already seen again, so I took Landie round the bits I'd already seen. Onwards we went, making our way down to the bits every explorer comes here for. The pictures are a bit naff to be fair, so I apologise; I'm toying about with various photo editing software, so it's all very much hit and miss.

I daren't had risked taking a photo from one end to the other, considering security had a carefully hidden peephole at the end.

Luckily for us, however, I didn't see or hear a squeak from security. Not once. Landie apparently heard a woman's voice at some point, but I didn't. Who knows? Moving on, I was stunned to find more machinery at the back! Considering it's been closed since 2001, I was astounded to see this part in such (mostly, the offices were collapsing) immaculate condition!

One thing that I really like about Fletcher's is just how intact the place is. Looking around, you'll find random machinery just left in place from the day it closed. One room, though locked tight, still had the computers and paperwork left on the desk, captured in time. That said, other areas have pretty much been taken over by nature with ferns and moss growing on the walls. Wonderful.

Will I go back? Maybe; I'd be interested to know where the medical bay in this place is, and what lies in the buildings near the front of the site. But considering where security is, it might be a little too close for comfort... let's see. On a final note, from what I hear, we were really lucky to have not seen or heard security that day. We never got cocky and started making a hell of a noise when we went round, so that's probably why. On the other hand, Badbatz and co. went after we did, and had security on their tail from the moment they were in to the moment they left. Luckily they got away, but apparently they went inside in hot pursuit! Considering the amount of broken asbestos lying about, why they'd do this beggars belief! Has anyone been busted whilst inside?

Love as always,