Been searching ages for an old station, truth is there's very little still left, well not in derp condition. Spotted this little fella, complete with some old motors in the grounds, peaking through the shutters revealed a stack of old luggage and things, and almost creamed my pants when an access was found. Unfortunately inside it was piled high with shite, so getting any decent shots was hard work, I imagine if cleared out it would reveal much more. Anyway these things are thin on the ground and even amongst the shite were some nice bits.

It has been said that Francis Thompson's best work was on the North Midland Railway, between Derby and Leeds. The only example still surviving is at Wingfield. Built in 1840,it is a single storey ashlar building in Georgian style with overhanging eaves. The station name was carved in gilt lettering on the facade, around an ornamental clock. It was closed in 1967 and is in poor condition. Christian Barman, who wrote one of the first studies of railway architecture, called it 'the most perfect of all station houses'.