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    Default Church of St Jerome, Baden Street, Ardwick, Manchester, jan 2014

    Visited on my own

    I go past this place all the time and always say im going to check it out before its too late, So i got up out of bed and went and had a look around it hopeing i could find a way inside.

    There is somebody living inside one of the rooms, i came across a bed made from an old settee with covers & a stack of page 3 girls on the floor, also kitted out with a cali gas heater.

    Here is a little history of the church, but theres not much documented online about it

    It was founded in 1913

    Its been closed for around about 12 years

    The church stands abandoned in a redevelopment area. New housing is under construction all around.

    St Jerome's Church (Church of England) is typical of many smaller churches in the Manchester area, with its red bricks, exterior buttresses and flat
    bell tower. It bears a similarity with the much larger Church of St Francis, Gorton Monastery.

    if i can find any more history i will add it.

    Here are my shots

    This is a safe, but the funny thing was, it is built on an outside wall

    s Thanks for looking i hope you enjoyed s
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    exploring in manchester ?
    give me a SHOUT!!!

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    Default Re: Church of St Jerome, Baden Street, Ardwick, Manchester, jan 2014

    nice wank den still some nice bits left deffo worth the mooch

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