Norham ROC Post

Status: Locked on English T-Bar but JAMMED

Yesterday was my second crack at this post, my first attempt in 2012 failed because my key would not fit in the key hole because the hole had rusted over a bit. So a little while afterwards i had the lugs trimmed but it wasn't until yesterday that i finally had the opportunity to re-visit this post...

But this attempt failed because the locking mechanism was simply jammed. I spent 20+ mins trying to open it, i tried as much as i could but it would just not open. The hatch was quite loose, but the mechanism would not budge.

It's a shame because from previous reports from this post, it's an absolute beauty.

One day i will try again, but next time i'll take a can or two of WD40 and hopefully it'll be 3rd time lucky!

Thanks for looking