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    Arrow Sunnyside Royal Hospital, Hillside - June 2014

    Sunnyside Royal Hospital is located in Hillside in Angus. The hospital was founded in 1781 by Susan Carnegie as the Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary and Dispensary. It is known to be Scotland's oldest Asylum. The site was officially closed in 2011 after being open for 230 years. I have spent several years wandering the site at weekends, taking exterior photos hoping for the chance of a glimpse of the inside. This visit showed promise on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It looked like kids had been on the site the previous evening with many visible smashed window and boards pulled off.

    This visit we only go to see inside Angus House, as the rest of the site was secure. It was built as an addition to the site in 1939 to house elderly patients with dementia. This was one of the first parts of the site to close and suffers the most decay. The security are very good at their job and keep the site very secure. This is the first time in 3 years of vising the site I've found an opportunity to see inside.

    I don't post much anymore, as I've been exploring for over 10 years and most sites are posted over and over again, but a search on several forums I couldn't find any internal shots of Sunnyside Royal Hospital, they all seem to be externals, so thought this was worth sharing. I wouldn't hold my breath on seeing inside again though, I heard from another explorer that the access had been sealed when they went on the Monday, just goes to show how good security are at their jobs.

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    Default Re: Sunnyside Royal Hospital, Hillside - June 2014

    Looks sunny boss.

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    Default Re: Sunnyside Royal Hospital, Hillside - June 2014

    Looked promising from the external shot, shame to see it's in such a bad way inside.

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