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    Default Whitehaugh Mausoleum (Contains images some of you may find disturbing) Pic Heavy

    Whitehaugh Mausoleum, Alford, Aberdeenshire.

    Having read plenty about this place I decided it was time for a visit.
    Finding the mausoleum wasn't too difficult, access however was a bit harder !
    There is a security camera mounted on a tree looking at the door (we didn't notice this until afterwards - oops !)
    A huge amount of desecration of burial area & a grave.
    The building itself is on the point of falling down.

    The purpose of this explore was not to shock but to document the decay of a listed building which is on the point of collapse. What we saw inside the building was the result of vandalism & desecration of a grave. The owner of the mausoleum is unknown, but the building was erected in 1838 by Williamina Helen Stewart Forbes Leith of Whitehaugh in memory of her husband Colonel James John Forbes Leith. The explore of the inside of the building was done with the utmost respect and care.

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    Default Re: Whitehaugh Mausoleum (Contains images some of you may find disturbing) Pic Heavy

    its unfortunate that people see fit to vandalise old monuments like this, theres a fair few of them kicking about up and down the country. nice to see it though
    Saviour of the sporran

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