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    Arrow Slaughter house - Middlesbrough November '08 ARCHIVED

    Visited with Mykal ,Miss Fish Shepy and two others

    Fairly big site. At first glance you dont expect much or it to be as big but the processing area's are split over a couple of floors.

    Place has been fairly well stripped by pikeys but not many signs of chavery except the old old beer can left lying about.

    anyway enough of this banter on with the pics.

    animal holding pens - Death row.

    onto processing/cleaning area. Loads of intrestingly nasty looking machinery in here

    carwash of oblivion

    Yes. These are still covered with manky grease etc

    then up to the first floor. Not really a great deal to see looks to have just been some kind of processing area.

    thats all I got really internaly thats worth posting. Now a few externals.

    security fail
    Small door with a stupid amount of triple point on to form some kind of gate..

    then 20 yards away...

    yes VERY open external doors

    and the ultimate pikey deterent. Cut the first 4foot of step treads off

    pasage to no where

    and now we discover why this place closed down.

    all in all not the best site in the area but another off the list

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    Default Re: Slaughter house - Middlesbrough November '08

    A few from me

    And my 3 favourite shots from the day...

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