Hey all!

So here is a really easy explore if you are ever in Iceland. Near Mosfellsbaer where I was doing a documentary I found this little bunker off of the side of the road.

I think it is part of the on of the many steam-harnessing energy projects they have there (based on the pipes), though at first I thought it was a military bunker.

It is sitting in this really lush Icelandic landscape and only consists of two little semi-subterranean concrete boxes.

But here is the weird part. One of the boxes has a small hole you can squeeze into through the roof and drop down inside - but if you did you would never come back out. It is a roach motel!

Given the sparse population of Iceland and the fact that I had to off-road a bit to get to this, this spot is just asking for someone to get trapped. I love it!