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    Arrow “Insurance Building 1932” (Globe Engineering & Others) Report, Hul, 03/12/08

    “Insurance Building 1932” (Globe Engineering & Others), Report, Hull, 03/12/08

    After repeated delays and the occasional last minute put off (fire starting delinquents) I managed to get to it again without any thing to put me off. After a little while of wondering how I could get in while the area was encased in a sheet of ice I found myself inside and ducking for cover after Pigeons went nuts.

    After getting out of the first room as fast as I could (Floor is the worst in there) I traveled around the building and even though the building was decidedly trashed, smashed and screwed around with things still remained to an extent there was still readable letters, invoices and other paperwork littering almost all the floors (especially the stairs).

    (If you intend to do this building then be careful I saw a syringe partially hidden under some of the paperwork in the second room, likely to be more but didn’t see more).

    Globe Engineering Ltd was (I believe) an affiliated/ subsidiary organisation to J. Marr and after a quick search on the net it apparently (according to a House of Commons debate from 1990) had won a contract valued at Ł10,000 or more for ship refit or ship repair work since the introduction of commercial management at Devonport and Rosyth Royal dockyards in April 1987. From what I gather the company might have moved to a site in Leeds in the late 80s or early 90s (would tally in with the left over paper work).

    Marine Project Development Ltd
    has designed, manufactured, tested and commissioned a wide range of full and part deck handling packages.
    I think this company relocated to Wolverhampton or to another section of Hull (like up the street) Internet makes both sound possible.

    British Marine Mutual Insurance Association Ltd is still around on the global level but as moved to other sites, I believe the ground level paperwork all came from this company.

    Robol Systems Projects Ltd, might have been a programming company based around Robol Language but I have no idea.

    This little pigeon refused to flee when the others did and stayed and guarded the window:

    Under the Pigeon crap there is the remains of a fancy floor, I believe from what I could read of it that it depicted a compass (with only the diagonal points SW/SE/NW/NE listed)

    Letter regarding training/ courses (dated 1986 like most of the stuff in building is):

    Letter sent to a company about overdue amount:

    Ladders to the roof, believe it or not but I felt more safe on the ladders then I did anywhere in the building on this occasion

    Ancient floor Buffers lived on the top floor:

    As well as old kitchen things (Oven, Fridge..etc):

    Down the stairs and into the insurance more paperwork was around the base of the stairs:

    At the door leading off from the bottom of the stairs I found the sign of companies:

    One room remained locked (the room I most wanted to be inside) so I decided to go check out what the door built into the stairs led to and noticed it was a basement like store room for the insurance group. It was partially burnt (like the room in general) and a smell of sulphur still lingered in the air:
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