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    Arrow Midland Mills, Bradford - 22/5/08 - REPORT ARCHIVED

    Grade II listed Midland Mills in Bradford, originally photographed (as ever ;-) last year by Converse1, but they've knocked half of it down since then. It's being converted into apartments, with some commercial space, and an underground car park. Originally built in 1871, and finally abandoned in 2001 (although any remaining documents inside seem to end in 1998) with the last occupants being British Mohair Spinners. Two warehouses havent been demolished, and they are linked in the middle. Pretty empty now I'm afraid, with loads of graf. Is that line shafting left on the top floor? The rear of the two mills has a cellar which is filled with water (and rats), and handily the ground floor has a few mantrap holes going through to the cellar. I was looking forward to going up into the tower (which I failed to get external shots of :/ ) to get some setting sun shots, however as you'll see the floor has completely caved up there, with only 2 inch thick pigeon shit and carcasses holding the rest together. I also forgot to get pics of the main gates at the front, which are rather nice. I'll remedy this soon enough.

    I'm tempted to go back for a few more snaps. Twas a good explore, but the photos are a bit boring, and when I left I realised there was loads of crap on my len. Amateur ;-)

    Rear of the mill. Didn't get and front shots (yet) as there's a caravan parked there. Dunno if there's a guard in it.

    Rear mill. you can just see the pigeonshit tower poking out at the top.

    Rear Mill.

    Flooded cellar.

    Rear mill, ground floor.

    Rear mill, ground floor (with man sized "rapid access" holes to the cellar).

    Insurance ran out in 1998.... so be careful!


    Rear Mill, 1st floor.

    Front mill, sexy colours.

    Firedoors still worked.


    Front mill, front section.

    Obligatory safe shot.

    Front mill, top floor. Is that line shafting?

    Front mill, top floor.

    Front mill, lift mechanism.

    The remains of the floor in the tower.

    Up to the penthouse suite.

    So close.

    The setting sun cast some nice shadows.

    Amusing 60's graf. JC started 1/2/66, JC sacked 2/2/66. Poor JC.

    Is this too photo heavy? I can edit some of them out.

    As usual, more at

    Conditioning house, then....

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    Default Re: Midland Mills, Bradford - 22/5/08 - REPORT

    Nice one fella! Glad you got to see it, it's quite a cool place did you get to the offices at the front (just to the left of the main gates?)

    Hehe...! look at this!

    Dodgy as hell up there!


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