The history of the S89 can be found here:

Whilst on Holiday in North Cornwall in August 2008, I was looking for ship wrecks that were still visible, when I heard about a WW2 German E-boat wreck around Crackington Haven. Asking in the only pub in this tiny hamlet I was told roughly where she lay. But was warned about keeping an eye on the tides, as the only way to get to the wreck is to clamber over some pretty big rocks and boulders or fall down the cliff face!!

Taken a chance on the tides I set off in pursuit not knowing what I would find. Scaling the rocks and looking for the wreck did not come as easily as I thought. The whole area resembled something out of a moonscape

As can be seen in the pictures boulders were everywhere.
But soon the rough outline of the engines came into view, although not much is left of the S89, enough is still visible and is worthy of a visit.

S89 Aground on the rocks, where she would eventually break up from the pounding of the waves.

One of the 3, Daimler Benz engines laying on its side complete with its engine cradle.

A V-shaped engine of 20 cylinders, 10 cylinders each side.

Propeller shaft leads back to the centre engine. This layout gives a good idea of the position S89 eventually foundered and broke up.

Prop shafts of the starboard and port engines lay either side of the centre engine. As can be seen the wreck is heavily camouflaged against the rocks.

Full pictures can be seen here:

Apologies for quality of photos. a small digi camera was all I had with me that day