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    Arrow St Claires Convent - Aberdeenshire - Jan 4th 09

    Firstly to Gorecki, an explorer not on this forum - thankyou !!

    This is the convent, designed by the famous church architect, sir John ninian Comper. Up until around five years ago it was actively used and it was then the last nun left. It is currently on the market for sale.

    The approach to the building is rather splendid

    and walking around the building

    most of the building is split into accomodation

    I should have taken dinner - there is still electric to the oven - I could have heated something up

    another kitchen

    some of the residential area

    there were many rooms in the building with lovely old fireplaces and most had crazy carpets
    the windows were nice here

    then there was the chapel

    I was tempted to leave a donation on way out.....

    this last one was taken from up in the tower and shows a well known explore in the area - and no its not the PC World !!
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    Default Re: St Claires Convent - Aberdeenshire - Jan 4th 09

    Great photos! You certainly did do it justice!
    I'm glad you got in

    HEre is a couple of mines from the chapel ....
    OH, and that's the hosepipe tower from Broadford works... will dig up some photos of when I climbed it =]

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