I've been in France for the past 2 weeks but back home in sunny Aberdeen now... anyway I was eager to get out and find some abandonment.
I managed to get a car and oh jesus driving on the opposite side of the road for the first time eva was confusing!!
People tooted at me and everything, which made me get flustered so I gave up. Not surprisingly though, I had no idea where I was going, I figured I would just drive along the road and just stumble upon something fun!

After a good nights sleep, I did a search on flickr for things in the area i was in and came across a guy who did some great HDR shots of an old tramshed building. I messaged him, he messaged me back and was happy to give me the location. So i borrowed an english speaking sat nav and off i went.

The first place I visited was the old tramsheds which is in Saint Martin D'heres.
It's pretty huge but mostly stripped. Reminded me of the Inverurie Locomotive Works in Aberdeen. The graffiti is awesome =]

It's not the best of places, but I was soooo glad to get out doing what i love

Next I was on my way to the supermarket near val d'isere, confident in my driving now, when I noticed a building with smashed windows. After a double take, I turned the car and had a closer inspection. Found an access point so did my shopping then went back....
Looked like an old chemical warehouse or something. It was pitch black inside and I had no torch as I don't normally carry one to the supermarket! Rather boring, but again, something new to do!!

Next day it was on to Lyon, about a 2.5 hour drive away to visit Le Convent de la tourette by the best architect in the world Le Corbusier. I studied him when I was at uni doing architecture and fell in love with his brutalism style. I had no idea the convent was lying empty..... It was just a building I always wanted to see!

Concrete cracking, defective insulation and dangerously installed electricity, calls for a complete restoration of La Tourette.

I did not get into the convent itself, but things were lying about from a clear out inside I presume, broken windows and even some graffiti in places. People had seemed to stopped caring for it. Not what I expected coming from one of Le Corbusier's most famous buildings :/
I think it's beautiful .... most see it as an "eyesore".

Glad to be back home now though, France was nice, the drivers were not...
Oh well!!