This house was built in 1896 by a local wealthy family the "Murrays". They owned large acreages of the surrounding area and operated a dairy, and herded also "beefstock" cattle. In the grounds of the house they built large greenhouses where they grew fruit and vegtables. They lived almost completely self sufficient from the land.

During WW2 the house was aquired by the military and used as a convalescence home for returning wounded officers - the military kept the property for a time after the war and utilised it as a sort of HQ.

When the military had finished with the house they donated it to the Youth Hosteling Association whom did not take advantage of it and eventually sold it to the local council - the council utilised the building and grounds as a home away from home for children from deprived areas.

About 16 years ago the house was again sold to a private owner whom took it upon themselves to vandalise the property and let it run down in general with the aim to demolishing it and building houses. However they have had a fight..........

The pics

The view from the front lawn

from the side lawn

One of the greenhouses and the coach house

I thought this rather interesting but the two large trees in this pic - the pic doesnt really do justice to their sheer size - were used during WW2 by pilots flying over as a marker telling them where they were

And on inside the house

watch that floor !!!!

and well...looks like the floor has went down a level.....

My favourite........

and from this one you can make out the mosaic floor and wooden panelling at the bottom of the tower with its large rustic door

thanks for looking.