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    Arrow Whittingham Hospital - Jan 2009

    Finally got into Whit

    My local has been beaten

    Spent a whole day missioning around, came close to being busted.
    Inside it has changed so much since our last visit inside back in 2006

    We all know this place so i wont go into the history

    Bumped into some others.. thanks for the access guys

    Some externals

    Corridoor shots

    The chapel

    Overgrown room

    Rub a dub dub, im in me tub

    BA in action

    The Hall, to think 25 years ago they were doing the hokey kokey in here

    mmmmmm, sounds fun!

    And light started to fade, the true asylum came out...

    Few in HDR

    Thats your lot, Thanks for looking.
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