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    Arrow Broadford works Textile mills, Aberdeen - Summer 2008

    Headed out the other night to get some more night shots inside Broadford works. The place never fails to amaze me, due to the scale of it! The streets within the boundary walls make it feel that bit bigger.

    Mr. Fish, who lives in Aberdeen, fell partly down a lift shaft. He was ok, but it could have been a lot worse.

    The site has usually got builders monday - saturday, although it's not too obvious what they're actually doing. I think everyone knows the history and all that by now, but if not, basically - it's Scotland;s oldest iron framed mill and one of the largest, best remaning examples of it's kind. All buildings are Grade A listed and this great piece of industrial heritage is soon to be totally destroyed by the millionaire who ran the company in to the ground and made many Aberdonians redundant with no final wages or even a pension. Now conveniently he's making his 70MILLION "urban village" here. twat springs to mind.

    Here's the photos

    the archives room

    orders from the 30's

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