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    Arrow Dingwall academy, scottish highlands - 2008

    ***EDIT - Appologies - pictures ASAP when I put them back in the right photobucket Album ***

    Visited with Lost and Zimbob!

    Real ace place! The academy is a 30's art-deco style school that over the years has seen loads of kids come and go, including a few of my pals from my uni course. Now though, it has a swanky new replacement sitting just opposite in the playing fields, and now the original school is getting demolished.

    It's a big place, a lot bigger than I expected. Due to extreme exposedness round the outside and also the fact demolition folk stayed a lot longer than we'd hoped, it was hard to stay discrete and with the usual curtain twitchers out on force, it was quite tough. Once in, we were immediately faced with police / security walking up the path, so it was a 15 minute sit down in the bushes, before finally getting in to the school!

    science lab

    fume cupboard with chemicals in it

    science lecture theatre

    coat area

    the main hall from the projector room

    in the kitchens

    the assembly hall

    photos in the entrance hall

    staff photo

    business management

    mr harris!

    inside the darkroom for photography

    another games hall

    changing rooms


    Thanks to Zimbob for all his help!

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    Default Re: Dingwall academy, scottish highlands - 2008

    Aye i know! It's because i moved them a while a go. I've put a wee notice at the top of my post and will get them back up as soon as I can!

    I haven't been a noob! honest!

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    Default Re: Dingwall academy, scottish highlands - 2008

    Looking good Ali

    I'll bung a coupla mine up meantime


    Girls loos

    Bizarre find of the day :

    Fun to be had

    Plenty of kit about :

    Not far from Mr Harris

    Looking out :

    All good fun, went there 3 times to cover it all Last time I go exploring in shorts

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