The Tivoli theatre in Aberdeen has been known as "Aberdeen's sleeping beauty" and has become derelict and in a state of disrepair over the last 11 years. Being scotland's second oldest theatre, it's definitely an important place. We actually were given permission to explore it (although we were still by ourselves) by two top class guys. And i'd like to emphasise that looks can be decieving. It IS derelict, and some side parts are so rotten that we didn't venture in.

Here's my photos... magical place and genuinely sad to see the state some of it is in.

dressing rooms behind the stage. a wee time capsule.

the invasion of the bingo from 1965


the old museum style AC/DC converter in the basements

it would be real nice to see this place get a new lease of life, as it seems all too possible at the moment it could suffer a lot more in the future.