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    Arrow Ladysbridge hospital (Banff Asylum) Feb 2009

    Well today was the Scotland meet for up here in Aberdeen. A great turnout of 16 people, all of who were top notch guys and gals. We ended up splitting up with 5 of us heading to ladysbridge and the others going elsewhere, before meeting up again.

    Visited with Wolfism, foz101, commander and V70.

    The banff district lunatic asylum, unlike it's "superior" down in Aberdeen, was always ahead of the times. It came with top of the range leisure facilities for the time including regular cinema and theatre productions. This was good, considering the main asylum in Aberdeen was the last in Scotland to even get a recreation hall, despite being the second oldest in the country. At it's peak, ladysbridge was home to around 1000 patients of all ages from children to geriatrics. In the late 90's, the inevitible winding down process began, before finally closing for good in 2003.

    Most of the old asylum building is now totally stripped, and the villas are in the process of being demolished. The site has been so trashed since my first visit that some parts are almost unrecognisable.

    Here's the photos from today.

    The recreation hall

    looking up to the once accesible projector room. Now the staircase has been taken away.

    inside the superintendents house

    inside one of the old, original hospital buildings.

    and finally, the ladysbridge cell

    cheers guys for a good day!

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    Default Re: Ladysbridge hospital (Banff Asylum) - Scotland meet - Feb 2009

    I was there in spirit on the end of Alir's phone :8

    Some of my pictures from last month ... =]


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