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    Arrow Train Graveyard - Staffordshire

    As a lead passed on to us from Havoc, it was actually my friend [Nocturne] who took me here along with mortaldecay and found this place. Additional photographs from his visit can be found here along with all of his other brilliant work...

    On with the photographs and information. The site is used to store many trains, old and modern, currently undergoing restoration. The oldest train here is a crane train that dates from 1908. This place is much bigger than you might first expect and I didn't take hardly enough photographs due to the extreme cold!

    Running through the centre of the site is a dirt road which is used to transport materials to a live quarry on the other side. In the background you can clearly see the quarry covenyor belt.

    Actually a tram, I really liked the numbers on the top. This is one of only a few that is in excellent condition.

    Many of these trains are fantastic inside but contained what I believe was either fibrelglass or asbestos. For this reason I decided that I'd take photographs of the inside on the most modern trains instead.

    Much credit to [Nocturne] again for being kind enough to take these people shots for us!

    This was the oldest train on the site dating from 1908. The turning wheel on the side is used to raise a large crane which is unfortunately not in view on this picture, but attached to the train. This was my favourite train and also contained a number of propane tanks inside.

    Looking back possibly 3/4 of the way up the site. Behind me the track continues, past another set of trains and switch cabins, unfortunately stripped bare. Ahead of me is a train that still has the original horns, the only one on the site that still does!

    Really lame I know, out of focus and just with flash, I was being lazy and as a result this shot really suffers, but I just tried to give it an old feel. I really liked the wooden panelling inside this train!

    The interior of the modern train.

    That's all from me folks! Now awaiting mortaldecay's far superior pictures too!
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