Not exactly the best post around but was in the area so payed a visit, Visited with Tankman.

This post has a odd background as it was opened in February 1961 and closed in October 1968, but because Etwall ROC was closed the post was Re- opened in 1975 and finnaly closed in September 1991.

Subbrit link,

Stinger level: 10/10

Nosey people level: 2/10

Anyway on with the pics!

Somewhere in there, lol

A close up of the hatch

The hatch now partly rusty with only 1 padlock left

Mysterious hole

FSM with paint in good condition

Ventalation louvers which Tankman had to attack to make visible

Remains of compound fencing

Also saw a Pillbox on the way home

Tankman will probably post more pictures of his later.

Any more pics wanted just PM me