The BPB Davidson mills in Aberdeen, were just one of many in this area. Not too long a go, Aberdeen was a major centre for paper making, with no fewer than 5 separate paper mills in the area up until the 70's. Now only 1 mill remains on the River Don, and all have closed on the Dee.

These mills, a major employer in aberdeen shut in 2005. At it's peak, it employed over 1000 people. Unlike it's "colleagues" up the river at Inverurie (which closed this week), The davidson mills specialised in paper for plasterboard.

I explored this place last year, just as the scrappies were dismantling the place. The very last 4 paper mill staff left towards the end of last year.

Defintely the end of an era for Aberdeen

the warehouse that used to house PM5

looking from a control room

final messages from employees

paper machine - waiting to be dismantled

in the PM4 control room


part of the water treatment plant

boiler house chimney