Finally made it back to this place, its been over ten years since last time I was down it - graff has changed a bit, weeds are much the same but there was one major change.........

The old station as it once looked on the surface

the history bit - misses the fact that the building was used as a club and a stray ciggie was blamed for the fire that burnt the place to the ground in 1970 during a battle of the bands contest

looking in the above said ventilation shaft

the entrance to the tunnel

inside the tunnel looking back to entrance

the station entrance from the tunnel

the sight that greets you of the platforms as you enter the station part


underneath stairs up

roof tiles and arches

the ventilation from below

stairs up

hold on this is new...scaffolding and huts?

they are adding new support - there were brackets on opposite wall also so they must be installing beams

a tantalizing look down the tunnel past the station down under Gt Western Road

the first tunnel is 227 yards the second Gt Western Road tunnel is 700 yards - with nothing more than my Tescos torch it was time to turn back although there was a tantalizing chink of light in the distance....although I guess you cant get past this tunnel to next as there is the refurbed Kelvinside Tube Station at end of this.