The Good Shepherd Magdalen Convent, Sunday's Well, Cork.

I visited here just over a year ago, its one of those places that leaves you thinking long after you have left the scene.

It may be the extensive publicity attached to the treatment of the unfortunates unlucky enough to have have been incarcerated within the walls of this institution or it might just be the uncomfortable atmosphere still clinging desperately to the echoes of the past deep within the maze of underground labyrinths in the buildings core.

The first thing that initiates the thought process is the incredibly high walls, at least 3 feet higher than the Gaol next door. As you scan the grounds it is impossible to resist being drawn to the little graveyard, and one grave in particular, that of "Little Nellie" there is almost a glow around the monument dedicated to the plucky 4 year old. Her Story detailed via the link below.

I would recommend a trip to the Good shepherd Magdalen Laundry its a visit you will never forget, this is one of the reasons I decided to go back through my photos and put a video/slideshow together in black and white.

Take 6 minutes out to watch it, you won't regret it!

History, more images and Nellies Story.