This is my first proper explore so go easy

I managed to forget the tripod, so the pictures from my small compact were all very blurry But I've done my best with what I've got! I don't know much about the place, though TrouserCowboy covered more than I know in his report.

Onwards! To the pictures

1. I loved all the curvy pipework and machinery winding its way through the building.

2. Good to see the HSE was well at work

3. The view from the back windows.

4. Control Panel.

5. I wish this was in focus, but here's the light switch incorporating the standard peely paint

6. Do we know anyone who uses Ilford 35mm?

7. These long rooms right at the top were brilliant.

8. It's not an explore without a chair shot

9. This is a view from the very top of the long drying machine, you could see down the gap all the way to the bottom.

10.These are hanging in the first office room, opposite the equipment which TC documented (my photos were blurry )

11. Darts anyone?

12. Smiiiile.

13. Outside from near the gates.

14. Quite an imposing structure up close!

15. Just chillaxin as you can see proximity is very close to the park & ride! But I had to be cheeky and get this when I saw the chair

And that's as much as I have! I took a pano from the roof, but I'll have to take some time and try to stitch the four shots together. Umm, I think that's it! Thanks for looking