This is not exactly the most exciting of explores, however the sheer 'Hollywood' nature of it's TV tie-in lifts it a little

Some of you may have been fans of the BBC2 series 'Monty Halls Great Escape' aired earlier this year, on Sundays at 9pm, about a Sassenach's ( ) move up North, and his tribulations in renovating a farmstead and attempting crofting. More info here
And in a little more detail here

The actual building has been derelict since the early 1900s, and was never a proper croft as such, more a farmstead.

One for all you WW2 buffs, spotted this on the way there :

It's a dramatic road to get there :

Looking down to the cottage, and beach :

Zoomed in :

Weather could've been nicer sadly, when the sun shines this is a cracking spot :

The cottage itself :

All mod-cons


The 'conservatory'

Must have been a trifle draughty...

Cracking view though

There you have it, hardly the most exciting of explores, but I enjoyed seeing it after watching the BBC series, and it was rather useful to shelter in when the heavens opened