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    Arrow Duston ROC Post - (Northamtonshire Group) - May 2009

    Opened February 1962

    Closed September 1991

    Subbrit record:

    Visited with Tankman

    Nothing changed since KE's visit, still locked with one padlock, a orlit A stands in the compound with what I looked like the chemical loo inside.
    Also for note while visiting Tankman noticed the the farm house was boarded up and diggers could be seen in the next field over plus their tracks were just outside the compound, so what this means I dont know. Is just outside St. Crispins asulym which is being demod for new housing

    Anyway enougth of my drowsing, on with the pics

    Hatch with padlock, vent shaft in distance, FSM position unknown

    Vent shaft with weird blue thing

    Close up of blue thing

    Orlit A
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