Was doing the rounds of some ROC's in the area and had this on the list, visited with Bunkerkid.

Post was locked on the key, and did not have a screw driver to hand so only pics from the outside

Hasn't changed much since Goldie's report of 24/03/08. However their was no mention of the little house to the side of the post which is buried in the undergrowth which looks as if it was part of the original WW2 Observation post. It is contained within its own wire compound. The brickwork and Concrete posts look the same as those that surround the Obs, post

A few pics, what do you think?

Exterior of the post is in a lovely condition, with fantastic views
Even the drain cock works! Ripe for a Resto

Original hatch lays in the undergrowth and still works, should be re-used for a someone's resto

The little cottage to the side of the post is made up of just 2 rooms with a small out building for coal.

Although parts of the roof are missing the fire places remain along with a few faded doors and windows.

Further pics here: