"When a child/young person cannot remain at home, the local authority is required to provide appropriate alternative accommodation. This may be foster care or residential care, depending on the age and needs of the child/young person. Before this accommodation is offered, an assessment will have been completed, which looks at all the needs of the child/young person and consideration will also have been given as to whether a relative or friend of the family is able and willing to offer a child/young person a place in their family."

Needlewood homed 8 children at one time from the ages of 11-18. In the final years of Needlewood the number of children in residence was 5, this was allowing for a transitional period and sending them to a new care home with this then leading to the closure of Needlewood. The closure happened in the summer of 2007. The care home cost the council £684k and year and when closed would give the council a saving of £486k per year.

Went for a visit after my parents telling me many times that if I was bad they would send me there! Was shown around by some friendly 'Emo' kids and also put out a fire with my feet. All in a days work.....!

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