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    Arrow Happisburgh Coastal Defences June 09

    Found these little gems searching the coast line on google maps. Turns out that there was a Chain Radar station in the field beside the two gun batterys.
    Each battery has a underground complex connected, one is accessible and the other just a small hole in the ground which you could crawl through.
    There is one large room with a smaller room off the passage way, I cant find out much information on the place or the guns, maybe some one can point me in the right direction. The site is worth a visit if you are in the area and is surrounded by pillboxes.

    Part of the radar station.

    The concrete ties still exist, behind the trees there is a small brick building.

    Spigot mortar base.

    One of the gun batterys.

    Some heavy steel work.

    Gun battery internal.

    Down the underground complex.

    Small room off the passage way.

    Large room at the end wich also had an access at the end.

    A very apt picture for the anniversary weekend.

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