Finally got this post sorted out!!! I have just had these developed from Negatives. Took them when I was doing a photography project about the decline of areas after Maggie (fall again) Thatcher closed all the mines down in my area. This is what happens when areas are deprived of jobs, and a sense of self worth. Get ready folks, it's making a come back....

This is the Blow Hall Crescent and Springfield Road housing estate that used to stand in Edlington, Doncaster. These were taken after much begging with the security. He thought I was a journalist snooping around. Some people still lived on the estate and the security were there to protect these people. These people did not want to leave their homes where they grew up and raised their family.

This is now all demolished. You can see on Google Maps where it was HERE!!!

All the photos were taken on my very old Cannon SLR camera, which I love dearly, but they were rushed and not much thought was taken, as I was being followed and rushed by security. He would not let me go in any of the houses, and to be honest they had all been set on fire in one form or another so he was probably doing me a favour!

Hope you enjoy!