Had the chance to do a very quick return to Hellingly a few weeks ago. Some of the fence has been repaired and there was a very security looking van parked outside near the chapel but I saw no signs of anyone.

Hellingly remains my fave hospital due to the very relaxed way you can wander around, it also feels like a friendly place despite its advanced state of dereliction. Nothing new in the photos I'm afraid and I have avoided photos of the main hall and other landmarks as I covered them on my previous visit.

I know some have said all my asylum pictures look the same but tough, I like them LOL

Lovely colours in this place, stunning.

I love these bath tub things, mad.

Never could resist a control panel.

Old canteen area, manturd alert.

Hellingly has some fabulous corridors.

Some nice details I missed first time.

Plants taking over the asylum

Laundry, now even greener than last time.

Nice broken window.

Few random ones.