This was a solo trip for me. While up at summer school I took an afternoon break and went to look at this old Arsenal. It was built on a major river with around 1823 in response to threats of war from Canada and Britain. The compound consists of the armory and a half dozen other support buildings all substantial structures constructed of Granite and cement. At one time there where wooden barracks here too, but they are long gone. The armory closed in 1903 and was taken over by the State of who used it sporadically for offices and storage. About 10 years ago it was sold to a developer who planned to convert the support buildings to condoís and offices and have restaurants and retail space in the armory itself. Like many such projects it has long been stalled. The developer has the armory fenced and the site is sporadically patrolled by private security
This area is adjacent to a large state owned facility and there is a State Police barracks on that site. Although itís not a priority for them it isnít uncommon to see State, County or local police take a quick drive through the compound.
All that said this is an ideal location for hiding out in the open just as long as you arenít brandishing any heavy tools.

One of the support building used as officers quarters and offices back in the day.

The armory commanders House sits on a hill above the Arsenal with a grand view of the river and entire compound.
A prior attempt was cut short when after unsuccessfully trying to manipulate a lock on the rear door , I walked around to the front of the Arsenal Commanders house and found a cop car with a snoozing officer parked out front. I was successful in getting in this time.

The buildings is empty now but itís the quality of construction is evident in the detail around the windows where you can see how thick the granite walls are


Some interiors from the officers quarters /camp offices


The coolest looking structure is the Arsenal Itself.3 stories of Granite with slate roof and cooper cupolas.


The whole place is fenced and the interior is river side of the enclosure is filled with heavy undergrowth and some poison Ivy. After defeating the fence I spent about 20 minutes trying to find a way in. This is an armory so all the windows are barred and the doors very heavily built.

A bit frustrated I battled the heavy growth for awhile and was fortunate to find one of the second floor porches had a rotted floor that had collapsed. I was able to carefully climb up the rotted debris and get inside.

All the army equipment is long gone. What remains are just large open rooms. The crazy looking railings around the floor must have been something the developer put up to keep potential buyers off the bucking wooden floors. Fortunately those floors are concrete underneath so there is no danger of going through.




Way up on the hill just behind the State Police Barracks I found this unusual stone building hidden in the undergrowth. Its about 50 by 150 feet . Solid granite with the doors and windows covered with heavy copper . Strangely they all seemed to be locked from the inside with no locks or handles visible outside. I believe itís a spring house, which supplied the base with water. The things that look like slits for shooting a rifle out of appear to be vents of some kind. With its proximity to the police barracks I did not try to enter it.