Was at a loose end yesterday, and rather than being sat on my arse doing nowt, decided to get out and take some pics along the way.

The 1st pic is of a nicely decorated storage tank at the side of the road, and is a familiar landmark in the village. The company we're dyers and have only recently stopped production.
A chap was loading some chairs into his car from the mill, so i took my chance and approached him.
After introducing myself, and my good intentions, he said he was rather busy and was awaiting a chap from the insurance company, and consequently refused me access.
That was my first encounter of the day?

Here's a few random shots along the way.

Part of Titanic Mills, now fully renovated.

Good old Westwood Mill.

My second encounter occurred in the next village. Again a Dyeing company. The carrot was dangled as the main gate was open! And we all know what curiosity did? I did'nt get a chance for any pics as i was soon face to face with a chap in overalls. Turns out he was on his own as the company was just winding down. Again access was refused, but he did tell me who to ring regarding permission.
So thats two prospects for the future.

Here's a couple more random shots.

The next few shots are of a real Diamond. Two 5 storey double shed mills linked via a very long walkway which stretches over the road.
And my third encounter of the day
He was a worker from an adjacent mill. Really nice chap who was a joy to talk to and very helpful indeed.
He was telling me of the good old days when the road was full of buses with women from Barnsley who had to make the daily journey.
He was also very familiar with URBEX FORUMS too, as his daughter mentioned it. He was sorry he could'nt help, but knows the caretaker very well, and will pass my number on. Fingers x'd then

A familiar scene along the pennine valley's.

Not sure wether i put this in the right place? But hey ho