After seeing Dalton Mills finally cracked by Converse1 I couldn't wait to get in and have a look for myself. The history is all in Converse's thread HERE

After a tight squeeze to get in the place is amazing, probably the sexiest mill I have ever visited. Classic mill features include amazing rows of coloured supports, lovely iron staircases and a cool roof. The standout feature I found though was the mill workshop, kinda squeezed between the original mill wall and another more modern wall was a creepy passge which lead to the workshop. Not touched or used for many years this was obviously the repair and machine shop for the original mill, lovely stuff.

Hope you enjoy and many thanks to the legendary Converse1

Outside of the mill, this has always looked promising.

The mill itself is incredible, my photos do not do it justice.

I loved this, just look at the markings.

The workshop, time has stood still in here.

Creepy rooms leading off the workshop.

Loved this colourful little toilet cubicle.

And finally, soak up the millness.