Glen o' dee has an interesting history. Designed and built as a tuberculosis sanatorium, it was made of wood so that it could be disposed of quickly (burnt down), after any big outbreak of TB. At this time, it was known as Nordach-on- dee hospital. It later served it's purpose as a military hospital, before closing down. it reopened as a hotel and it was at this point, the hospital was renamed to the current "Glen o' Dee hospital". it then served as a hospital again, but as a contageous diseases unit after an outbreak of Typhoid in nearby Aberdeen. From here, it became a convalescent hospital, of which my Great Granda was one of it's patients.

The hospital closed for good in 1995 after a new unit was built out the back, and has since been left to deteriorate. however given hte length of dereliction, it's holding out very well.

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