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    Arrow Cold War Warriors 'Rust in Peace 2'

    I know most of you enjoyed the pics last time of this place!
    And since I stopped by yesterday, I had a quick wonder around the back to see what was new-ish
    I just love the decay of these once great Warriors, nature is claiming them back in the only way it knows how, by covering them with spikey brambles

    Chieftain tank & engine's lay in the undergrowth, the brambles have attacked and look like winning! over the shells that this once great tank fired

    Snow Camo, Haggland BV206 lays on its side, tracks to the air!

    An Ex SAS, Ski Doo nearly overtaken by the undergrowth

    Vickers FV 432, APC sliced in half!

    One of my all time 'Fav's' A Vicker's Abbott 105 mm, SPG, basks in the Tranquile noon day sun

    Thanks for looking and dropping by
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