after still buzzing from the camelot mooch i decided to go ahead with this

but nice relaxed explore although im sure someone else was in there

loved the smell at first but got a bit sick of it in the end a combination of different flavourings thrown about the place did take its toll in the end

explored with mr non forum explorer

pretty much empty but had fun mooching round the offices and social club

bit of history....although its been done

In 2007 it was announced the production of Ski and Munch Bunch yoghurts will shift to Continental Europe.
Production in Cuddington, Cheshire, is no longer viable, according to management at Lactalis-Nestlé UK & Ireland.

Towards the end, there was 101 staff making multi-pack stirred yoghurts including Ski, Munch Bunch and own-label products for retailers.
Built in 1849, it was adapted for yoghurt production in 1968.

Despite attempts to ‘streamline’ the site, the factory was no longer sustainable, claimed a spokeswoman for the joint venture.

“There has been a lot of restructuring over the last few years..
[since the plant was acquired from Northern Foods in 2002].
For example, it used to employ well over 200 people, so there has been job cuts in the factory's last year.

There was also significant investment in equipment.
But four-pack yoghurts – the main lines produced there, are in decline; basically.
it is no longer financially viable to manufacture in Cuddington.”

Production would be transferred to more modern sites with spare capacity on the Continent, she said.
“The proposal is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the chilled dairy business in the UK.
It follows an on-going review during which all other possible options for the factory have been considered.”

Lactalis-Nestlé UK & Ireland Managing Director Mr Ronald Kers, said: “We very much regret having to make this proposal and can assure all affected staff that the company, along with its trade union partners, will be doing everything possible to help them secure alternative employment.”

Lactalis and Nestlé formed a joint venture in November 2006.