part 2 of my dock explore is the accumulator tower at stanley dock

inside your greeted with a lovely sandstone spiral staircase which proved a task at times to get up with all the gear

explored with wimr and a couple of other non forum chums

the history....

With the expansion of Liverpool's docks in the 1800s, a new dock was built in-land of the waterfront. This dock, named Stanley Dock, also connected the dock system with the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

The hydraulic tower was built in around 1852-55. Built from granite blocks, the octagonal tower housed a large accumulator, designed to store water under pressure. This water was then used to supply hydraulic power to capstans, lifting machinery and presses around the dock. The tower was adjoined by a pump house, built from brick with a tall chimney. Here a stationary steam engine powered a pump to keep the accumulator charged. Today the pump house is little more than a ruin, although the accumulator tower remains virtually intact.

half way up you can look down on the accumulator chamber.

little turret at the top

and a couple of views...

wimr me and peter sutcliffe....