Did a flying visit to CA Hospital today as I heard it had been totally boarded up and was no longer possible. I always like to revisit older explores just to see what has happened since I was last there.

Not much has happened here, the lovely stenciled doors have been smashed and a few more floors have fallen through. The ward and the main reception area are now locked and not accessable. No tripod or natural light hence awful pics but some unusual colours, maybe my camera has been to one mong hole too many

The outside, spoiled by the heavy boards.

Love this building and it Classical style frontage.

Round the back, more boards

The basement, when I visited back in 2006 this was stuffed full of medical records.

Main corridor, more smashed than ever.

Central entrance, lovely classical features going to ruin.

Classic signage still hanging in there.

No visit is complete with a visit up the stairs to Radio Allerton.

Thanks for looking