Fairmile Hospital finally closed its doors in April 2003, It brought to an end more than 132 years of caring for people with mental health pronlems and with loss of a much valued community.

Built in 1870, the Victorian asyum has been a place of treatment, a home and a work enviroment to thousands of people. For some individuals, incarcerated against their wil, the experience would have been less than memorable. but for many others who have successfully recieved a high level of care their memories are hopefuul good and long lasting. The staff, many from overseas, lived, worked and often played at the hospital and will have a history all of their own to call upon.

The site was purchase for the sum of 8,317 4s 9d in 1866. The architect C.H. Howell of Lancaster Place, London Built the asylum at a cost of 68,000.

Provided in the budget was main building, which wouldcould accommodate 500 patients and offices, a superintendent's house, Lodge cottage, engineers and bailiffs cottages, dairy farm buildings and chapel. The Hospital was named Berkshire, Reading and Newbury Lunatic Asylum followed by other titles i.e. Moulsfordm Asylum and Berkshire Mental Hospital before being named Fairmile Hospital in the late 1940's.

Patients were first admitted on 30th september 1870 and by November 1871 all patients for whom teh asylum was built were in residence amounting to 248 ( 116 males and 132 females ). The number of inpatients rose to its highest in teh mid 40's when over 1000 were accommodated.

The total staffing in December 1871 amounted to 44: By Contrast in 2002/2003 the establishment for around 220 patients was approximately 400.
Visited in the winter sunshine and snow with Mookster and The2Musketeers. Not my first time so not too many pics from me always nice to return here, was my first ever asylum explore, first solo and considering its right on my doorstep still one of my favourites.......

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Lastly a few of the exterior in the snow