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    Arrow The West Riding Asylum's Quartet - December 2009

    In the past week I have visited all four West Yorkshire Asylums and tried to get some shots in the snow. As most will know, at three of the four sites not much is left

    First up is Stanley Royd Asylum, not much remains of this and most is now housing. The Clock Tower, Recreation Hall and the 1818 Building all remain and have been converted. The only remaining building that is derelict is the chapel with its amazing stained glass windows.

    Opened 1818 Closed 1995

    Chapel in the far corner of the grounds. See inside it HERE

    The 1818 Building

    Some of the conversion.

    Clock tower from the original Admin building. New Hospital behind.

    Recreation Hall, now some kind of modern church.

    Next up is Wadsley Asylum in Sheffield, not much remains of this place except the chapel, abandoned and forgotten in the trees. The chapel is done up like a fortress so no way was I getting in

    Silverstealth has an excellent thread on the conversion HERE

    Opened 1869 Closed 1999

    Next up an often overlooked is Storthes Hall Asylum a few miles out of Huddersfield. Most of the main hospital has been cleared away but some remains in the form of a "Student Village". Other bits left to explore include the stripped morgue and isolation unit and the main admin building itself. There are other bits left to rot in the surrounding woods, no idea what they were.

    Storthes Hall now also has a farm again after nearly fifty years

    Opened 1904 Closed 1991

    The original Storthes Hall, also once an asylum but now a multi-million pound private residence.

    Odd bits remain in the woods.

    Main admin and clock tower.

    The new farm.

    Last is High Royds Hospital in Leeds. This is the most complete of all four West Yorkshire Asylums and a lot remains including the morgue, admin, various wards, recreation hall, isolation hospital and childrens unit.

    Opened 1888 Closed 2003

    Main admin building.

    Rear wards

    No idea but mongy

    Part of the conversion.

    Thanks for looking
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    Default Re: The Yorkshire Four - December 2009

    Top drawer Elvis.. The white house at hr is the former medical supers house built in 1938, the image named "rear wards" shows the former male epileptic block, wards 5 and 6.

    your first shot of the Stanley Royd conversion shows the original medical directors house in the middle.
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