Take one explorer a canon 30d and the explorers favorite lens the 10-22. Add to this a newly discovered very soon to be demolished hospital and you have the recipe for win. So we rocked up to the Langdon hospital in Dawlish in Devon the site is under redevelopment and several of the wards closed in the 80es according to what was left behind in the buildings. the wards are now being demolished the diggers are in place to make way for a modern medium secure unit.The site is a mix of 2 or 1 story buildings the ones we did where single story blocks children's wards and some secure wards complete with kick marks on the doors and the NHS obligatory left behind paperwork. The highlight was finding the dentist chair and equipment still left in situ complete with drills and bdsm attachments. So on with the explore after getting into the site the first block has 2 wards and assorted toilets and baths the NHS pink issue aka the female side of the ward and blue for the male. The wards are quite empty and there are a few odds and ends left behind in cupboards and dotted around the rooms. The second building we come to has a series of what can be described as cells rooms with a bed and a few creature comforts. This was obviously not enough to stop the inmates from kicking the doors as they where taken from the legal system or after being sectioned under the mental health act. Onto the last block after negotiating the dodgy dry rot floors and keeping our ankles intact we made it over to the dentist complete with chair and stand for the equipment. we did have a look in what we can presume is the mortuary block and find a gurney for transporting the bodies and the hydrotherapy department tho we could not get access to the hydrotherapy dept.all in all a good way to say good bye to 2009 i think. Images to follow soon